How do you define surname?

Answer A surname is commonly known as a person's last name. It is the name that unites and is shared among family members. A surname is also referred to as a family name.Source:Merriam-Webster: surnameYou... Read More »

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How old is the surname Natale?

The surname Natale originated in Venice, Italy between the 10th and 11th centuries. Before that time, the local people only used one name. Natale comes from the first name, Natali. Natali was a nam... Read More »

Is the Loman surname Jewish?

Loman is an Irish name that means bare. The surname Loman may be an Americanized form of the German name Lohmann according to Although not a Jewish name, some Jews took the German sur... Read More »

Can you nullify the surname of an ex-wife?

No one has legal rights over a surname. In a divorce, the wife will be asked whether she wishes to return to her maiden name. This is a voluntary process. The best option will be to discuss and com... Read More »

What is a forename&a surname?

Forename, also first name, refers to a person's given name; it comes before his family name. For example, a person named John Smith has the forename John. Surname represents a person's family name;... Read More »