How do you define surname?

Answer A surname is commonly known as a person's last name. It is the name that unites and is shared among family members. A surname is also referred to as a family name.Source:Merriam-Webster: surnameYou... Read More »

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What does the surname Way mean?

The surname Way originally developed as a name that related to one's location. If you lived near a trail or roadway of some kind, then you might be known as "John of the Way." Over time, the name b... Read More »

Where did the surname Moe come from?

As a surname, "Moe" comes from either Norway or Sweden. In Norway, many farmsteads were named "Moe," and the residents of these places were sometimes given the last name Moe. In Old Norse, the name... Read More »

Where does the surname Guthro come from?

The surname Guthro is a Scottish last name. It was originally taken by those who lived in a town in Scotland called Guthrie. Spelling variations of the name include Guthrie, Guthree and Guttrie.Sou... Read More »

What does the surname Nield mean?

According to the Internet Surname Database, the surname Nield, which can also be spelled or recorded as O'Neill, Neild, Niel, Neal and MacNeil, dates back to the sixth century and was originally th... Read More »