How do you define rugs?

Answer Though the words "rug" and "carpet" are sometimes used interchangeably, there is definitely a difference between the two. Defining a rug in simple terms will help you to determine whether you need... Read More »

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How to Store Rugs?

Stuffing rugs away in just any old place won't do. Stored rugs can deteriorate without the appropriate attention being paid to their storage conditions and an unpleasant surprise is not what you ne... Read More »

What does 11/11 construction for rugs mean?

The quality of Bokhara rugs from Pakistan is measured using two numbers. The first number counts the knots in an inch of the rug's width, the second counts the knots in an inch of its length. The ... Read More »

Quality of Rugs?

Rugs come in a wide range of quality. When deciding on a rug for your home, there are several things to consider before spending any money. Always keep in mind that quality costs more -- however, y... Read More »

Can you put bamboo rugs outside?

Bamboo rugs are made from a raw and natural material, and therefore don't do well outdoors in the elements. If you place a bamboo rug outside, it should go in a sheltered area that does not get a l... Read More »