How do you define poser?

Answer Poser is a label that fits people who appear to be what they are not. A poser assumes an exterior that does not correspond to reality. Posers falsely smile for the camera regardless of their emotio... Read More »

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How to Not Be a Poser?

No one wants to be labeled as a "poser." The best way to avoid this fate is to focus on yourself, and maintain a good self image, like Kirby.

How to Be a Goth Poser?

Do you need to be a goth poser for a play, a movie or you just want to be like one, read on!

How to Not Be Seen As a Poser?

It's hard to fit into a new group, especially if you've just changed your style. One of the biggest problems is not being taken seriously by group members and being labeled a "poser". Here are some... Read More »

How to Spot a Poser?

Posers are people who latch on to a subculture just to fit in, not because they really love what that subculture is about.