How do you define pollutants?

Answer Pollutants are chemicals or substances that can damage the health of the environment or people in high concentrations. Pollutants also affect resources by rendering them unusable.ClassificationPoll... Read More »

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NOx Pollutants?

NOx is the common named for the environmental pollutants nitrogen oxide and nitrogen dioxide. At high temperatures, nitrogen and oxygen react to create the pollutants. Together, NO and NO2 contribu... Read More »

Hazardous Pollutants?

Pollution is defined as the introduction of a substance into the environment that has a harmful or poisonous effect. As defined, pollution can exist in a number of places, including in the air and ... Read More »

Tropospheric Pollutants?

Earth's atmosphere consists of five layers. The troposphere is the lowest layer. Its boundaries begin on the ground and extend to a height of about 23,000 to 65,000 feet above sea level. Pollutants... Read More »

Noise Pollutants?

Noise pollution is different from other types of pollution. Once it develops, it envelops the environment entirely. When the noise stops, however, there are no remnants of the pollution, with the e... Read More »