How do you define parallel lines?

Answer Parallel lines are lines that lie side by side on the same plane and never intersect. They have the same slope, but different y-intercepts. No matter have far parallel lines are extended they will ... Read More »

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Ways to Make Parallel Lines & Perpendicular Lines?

According to Euclid, a straight line goes on forever. When there is more than one line in a plane, the situation becomes more interesting. If two lines never intersect, the lines are parallel. If t... Read More »

How to Graph Parallel Lines?

Parallel LinesParallel Lines are lines that never intersect in the same plane.They go on forever and have equal distance between them forever. The equation of a line is y=mx+b. m is the slope and b... Read More »

How to Construct Parallel Lines?

Like many concepts of geometry, perfectly parallel lines are very rare in real life, but the idea is still very useful for calculating angles and solving math problems that involve graphs. The anci... Read More »

What are parallel lines?

Eg / / and ll (like the 2 ll's in the word parallel) are examples of parallel lines.