How do you define barometric pressure?

Answer Barometric pressure, or atmospheric pressure, is the amount of pressure exerted by the atmosphere on the earth. A barometer measures the pressure at any given point. Weather conditions affect barom... Read More »

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How does barometric pressure differ from atmospheric pressure?

Barometric pressure is another name for atmospheric pressure and both terms are often used interchangeably. The terms describe the weight of earth's atmosphere, which averages 14.7 pounds per squar... Read More »

Ambient Pressure Vs. Barometric Pressure?

Atmospheric pressure--also known as air pressure--can vary by region. Differences in air pressure readings can result from temperature changes and differences in altitude. When comparing barometric... Read More »

How to Calculate Barometric Pressure?

This article explains the process of "calculating" barometric pressure for use in weather analysis or prediction. The conversions are for practical use. Perhaps it should be explained at the outset... Read More »

How is barometric pressure measured?

Barometric pressure, which is air pressure, is measured by using a barometer to take a reading of the amount of pressure being exerted on the Earth by the atmosphere. Surface air pressure units are... Read More »