How do you define acidic?

Answer Acids are compounds that corrode various items. Sometimes the corrosion is destructive, such as when it eats away at metal on a vehicle. Other times it is used deliberately to clean things or to et... Read More »

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Why Are Shampoos Acidic?

Quite a bit of science goes into formulating hair products. Considerations for product pH, smell, consistency and overall effectiveness are common manufacturer concerns. Shampoos are formulated at ... Read More »

Why is disinfectant acidic?

Keeping germs, viruses, bacteria and microbes at bay seems to border on a national obsession. The acidity of disinfectants plays a major role in disinfectants getting their job done.HistoryAcidic d... Read More »

Is tea acidic or alkaline?

Tea is an acidic drink characterized in the low acidity category, close to the neutral category. Tea affects the body's pH (potential hydrogen) levels by lowering the levels under neutral once meta... Read More »

Is Coke acidic?

Coca-Cola has a pH of 2.525, making it acidic, according to a study by the Academy of General Dentistry. As a frame of reference, a pH of seven is considered neutral; anything higher than seven is ... Read More »