How do you define a family tree?

Answer A family tree, or pedigree, shows relationships between people or animals. Forms of family trees are used by scientists, animal breeders, and genealogists tracking and studying the histories of fam... Read More »

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How do I merge my whole tree from to the Family Tree Maker program?

Downloading From Ancestry.comOpen Family Tree Maker 2010. Click "Plan"; select "New Tree." Select "Download a Tree from" Choose a tree from Click the "Export" or "Downlo... Read More »

How to Draw a Family Tree Using Tree Branches & Leaves?

Family trees are graphs or drawings that depict the ancestry of a certain individual or family. Using actual parts of a tree to depict the lines of ancestry is an appropriate and visually appealing... Read More »

Define Family Genograms?

A family genogram is a diagram that helps to map out behavioral patterns within families. A genogram is like a family tree. However, a genogram broadens on a family tree by including hereditary and... Read More »

Define a Low-Income Family?

Many under employed household units are considered by the government to be "low-income families" and may be found eligible for certain types of government support and assistance. Correspondent to t... Read More »