How do you defend the attack in the impossible test?

Answer Tap the word, "DEFEND", and a gray bar appears, slide it up to block the sword.

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How do you defend from attack in the impossible test?

you tap the word "defend" then a "shield"(it looks more like a box to me) will pop up in the lower right corner. drag it in front of the sword and... taa-daa!

How to Defend Against a Knife Attack?

Imagine you come face to face with a mugger, or furious ex of your girlfriend, or murderer etc. and they reveal a knife. here's a few steps to defend yourself.

How do you tap the spork in the impossible test?

From the word spork, remove - rk, and it will say spoon. Then tap the bottom of the fork that is shaped like a spoon.

How do you beat the impossible test Christmas?

Okay, So I finished the game. Here are the answers: 1. Just shake your device. 2. Move the word "off" on too the tree. 3. When the present is at the respective places at the snowball, press the ... Read More »