How do you decide who to talk about sensitive and personal issues?

Answer Apparantly you do it online with strangers. I mean if you trust our random advice about who to talk to, then you may as well go all the way and tell the internet your troubles. Just sit a beer stei... Read More »

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How to Talk to Teens About Personal Hygiene?

As teenagers enter adulthood, it is important to teach them about proper hygiene, which, if practiced, can help maintain your teen's health and help them to develop positive habits they will follow... Read More »

How to Talk to Tweens About Personal Hygiene?

If you know a tween, a preteen or a child that is not quite a teenager that has a little difficulty with personal hygiene, it may be hard to bring up the subject in a way that will not hurt their f... Read More »

How to Talk to Your Priest About Personal Problems?

Having a word with your priest may be what you need to work out personal problems, but it can be difficult to divulge very personal problems to others.

For over 4 years you have been doing all kinds of stuff with your cousin but you never talk about what you do should you talk to him about it or just ignore it?

Depends on how close cousins you are and what your family and community think of cousin relationships. However, it is usually best to talk, not to assume or ignore.