How do you decide if you need a contract for a purchase or not?

Answer If you are in the education field you need to have a contract for any purchasing done by a particular school to keep up with the expenses and know what account to charge it to.

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How to Cancel a Purchase Contract?

If you have signed a purchase contract and want to get out of it, several approaches you help you do so. For example, you may take advantage of statutory "cooling off" periods offered by the laws o... Read More »

How do I write a purchase contract?

Writing a Purchase ContractList the the date, the buyer's name and address and the seller's name and address in the first paragraph. Define the purchase property and its condition. Include a separa... Read More »

How to Decide What Type of Mobility Equipment to Purchase?

Karman Ergonomic WheelchairWheelchairs are simple, yet complex. At first glance, they all look the same. There are usually two large spoke wheels with a seat between them and a couple of cane shape... Read More »

How to Purchase a Home by Land Contract?

A land contract is a contract to sell a parcel of real estate without bank financing. In effect, the seller finances the transaction, receives monthly payments from the buyer and retains title to t... Read More »