How to Decide Whether It's Worth Spending Your Time Doing Something?

Answer At times, certain activities may seem tedious, boring or not worth your time. Make a better decision by following these suggestions:

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How to Decide if Online Degrees Are Worth the Time and Money?

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How to Decide if Your Crush Is Worth It?

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How does insurance decide how much your car is worth if totaled?

%DETAILS% Answer Insurers use the "Blue Book" value, and factor in mileage and any previous damage, etc. Just as if it were a "trade in".

Can a Person Collect Unemployment From Texas and Work Part-Time in Another State?

The Texas Workforce Commission does not penalize unemployed workers from taking a part-time job. In fact, it is encouraged. If you live near the Texas border, you may even be able to take a part-ti... Read More »