How do you deal with your worst pain?

Answer if I don't know what the pain is I investigate what my problem is and how to take care of it. I telephone a doctor and have them check me out If I can't figure it out for myself. I take pain medi... Read More »

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Im 38 weeks pregnant with your 3rd child you were dilated to 2cm last Thursday And for the past 2 days you have been having the worst pain in your sorry for the detail vagina Like PAIN not pressure?

Your due any moment really, I would call my doctor and ask them about the pain. I had pain on my cervix when I was pregnant. That was because my child was breech.

How best can you describe labor pain Was it the worst pain in your life If not, what was?

it's going to friggin hurt like hell to start, but honest to god after it is over it's not so much of a big deal, you'll be advising other women on how to stay calm and try and 'enjoy' the experien... Read More »


Calm down, and try to think: How bad is this pain, really? Can you function, like you're on the computer now? If it's 2 weeks, it's a migraine, no question about it. But unless it's excruciating an... Read More »

What is the worst pain?

it wasn't physical, in 1989 i lost my good friend aimee (car accident) and then i lost my granpa (emphysema) who raised me as if i were his own. nothing compares to the pain of never being able to ... Read More »