How do you deal with your very controlling son-in-law's parents?

Answer Tell them, perhaps kindly, perhaps not, to mind their own business?

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How do you deal with your son-in-law's parents very controlling?

If your son-in-law's parents are very controlling, it is more your daughter's problem than it is yours. She will have to work out with her husband how they are a couple will deal with it, or it may... Read More »

How do you deal with your mother who is emotionally abusive and very controlling?

If you are no longer a minor and dealing with an emotionally abusive and very controlling mother first try to find out if your mother could possibly be going through perimenopause or menopause (hor... Read More »

What are grandmother's rights in Mass I am dealing with a very controlling ex-son-in-law. He thinks at this point in time he is controlling the judicial system.?

get a restraing order, and fast. you dont wanna be in a cult do ya? anyway, emo are losers they self harm and always wear black (hello? happy is the new black!) anyway, its sick.

How do you deal with controlling ex- inlaws?

divorce the son and to keep things the way u want them still have sex with him so his parents dont have all the power over the situation