How do you deal with physical pain?

Answer Each person deals with physical pain in a different way, as pain is unique to the individual. I can speak only for myself.As one who lives with (note that I did not say "suffers from") rheumatoid a... Read More »

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How to Deal With a Physical Threat?

Someone has you against the wall. They are bigger than you, probably, and usually stronger too. Or maybe a group of them. And he/she/they seem(s) to be on the point of Smashing your face in. WHAT D... Read More »

How would A Physical Therapists deal with this problem?

I only understand the first part of the question. Every insurance is different. Clubfoot is usually treated by a physician who specializes in bones and motion; the speciality is called orthopedics.... Read More »

How to Overcome Physical Pain With Your Mind?

Severe pain, like that caused by a migraine, dry socket, or anything else, is no picnic, especially if pain medications or other treatments are unable to bring you any relief. Even when numbing pai... Read More »

How to Deal With Pain?

Dealing with pain is a challenging problem that all of us face at some point in our lives. Pain comes in many forms, from back pain to ulcer pain, but no matter what kind you experience, there are ... Read More »