How do you deal with physical pain?

Answer Each person deals with physical pain in a different way, as pain is unique to the individual. I can speak only for myself.As one who lives with (note that I did not say "suffers from") rheumatoid a... Read More »

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Is it possible that a person has felt so much mental pain, that they cant feel any physical pain?

No. The nervous system will make sure that the brain feels the pain, no matter how much anguish the person is in. A broken leg is going to HURT, no matter what.However, the person in so much ment... Read More »

Which is worse, physical pain or emotional pain Why?

Emotional pain is worse, except in extreme conditions. Most physical pain is curable or can be made bearable. Emotional pain is of indeterminable duration and there are no pills for it.

When I stop physical therapy will the pain return Will I need physical therapy forever?

Sorry about the spammers posting those websites. They get tacked on to most every thread here. The regulars report them, and they disappear minutes later (as you can see because at this writing, th... Read More »

How to Deal With a Physical Threat?

Someone has you against the wall. They are bigger than you, probably, and usually stronger too. Or maybe a group of them. And he/she/they seem(s) to be on the point of Smashing your face in. WHAT D... Read More »