How do you deal with kids who have Down syndrome?

Answer Answer Very doubtful. Glass is a pretty inert material and if there are any additives they are usually for color and in very minute quantities. The biggest danger would be if you swallowed a pie... Read More »

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Can family history of kids with down syndrome increase the risk to have a kid with down syndrome?

yes. if that is true, then that means that down syndrome is genetic in your family. try researching it up. look it up on google. i highly reccomend wikepedia. the more you know, the more able you... Read More »

How to Deal With a Boyfriend Who Has Asperger's Syndrome?

Asperger's Syndrome is not something that has to feared. They may have differences from some other people and have differences from one another, but Aspies are capable of love and affection and usu... Read More »

How do you deal with a Down syndrome child who bites?

be carefull with him (or her) be sure to not enrage the child. make sure not to make physical contact for disiplinary action, a few minutes alone is much more affective.

How to Deal With an Abusive Boss With the SOB Syndrome?

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