How do you deal with emotional and mental abuse by an ex?

Answer Answer Have no contact with them. Absolutely none. If there are children involved, have as minimal contact as possible. Keep your conversations civil but brief. The only was to deal with abuse is t... Read More »

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Is threatening suicide mental or emotional abuse?

It depends on the person's intent. Some who threaten suicide are engaging in a premeditated tactic to manipulate you, in which case the answer is "yes". Others are in dire need of help and the thre... Read More »

How to Deal with Emotional Abuse?

Emotional abuse comes in many forms. Sometimes, it's years worth of a boyfriend or girlfriend, Husband or Wife wearing you down; sometimes, it's a romantic entanglement that takes a turn into this ... Read More »

How to Deal With Emotional or Verbal Abuse While Depressed?

Depression is a serious illness. Abuse cannot be tolerated if one desires to lessen the effects of severe depression. The way you are treated by those around you greatly impacts the way you think a... Read More »

How to Deal With Emotional Abuse from Your Parents (for Adolescents)?

All parents will have to discipline their children from time to time, and all families fight. However, there are times when a parent loses control, or simply has no respect for a child, or may be i... Read More »