How do you deactivate a stolen Ipod?

Answer You give it back to the person you stole it from!

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I need some advice. i had my ipod stolen a while ago, and my teacher, whose desk it was stolen from bought me?

just tell your parents"mom dad I'm really sorry but someone stole my Ipod when I asked my teacher to hold it for me. he felt bad so he bought me a new one. and he wont take it back because he feels... Read More »

IPod got stolen and we think we know who did it.?

get a search warrant, we had a kid stealing mail and because others thought he was doing it,they got a search from the judge and the cops checked his room.sure enough under his bed was all the mai... Read More »

My Ipod was Stolen Need Help!?

if your ipod was connected to the school's wifi then you could find it using icloud. otherwise, you're screwed. sorry.

What Should I Do if My iPod Is Stolen?

The process of making things smaller and at the same time more powerful has led to some amazing inventions, the iPod being one. However, the iPod has become a favorite target of the criminal thief.... Read More »