How do you deactivate a stolen Ipod?

Answer You give it back to the person you stole it from!

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I need some advice. i had my ipod stolen a while ago, and my teacher, whose desk it was stolen from bought me?

just tell your parents"mom dad I'm really sorry but someone stole my Ipod when I asked my teacher to hold it for me. he felt bad so he bought me a new one. and he wont take it back because he feels... Read More »

Can I block a stolen ipod?

I too had a iPod stolen this past year. It was a 60gb video version bought directly from Apple. I called Apple to inquire about about tracking it when it synced etc, and was told that they don't mo... Read More »

How to Report a Stolen iPod?

An iPod is a pocket-sized device used to play music files. It is manufactured by Apple. The iPod comes in a few different sizes and colors. In addition to music, some iPods also have the ability to... Read More »

My brand new ipod stolen!?

same thing happened to me in fact i had a restitution hearing this morning, I'm really lucky though because the cop said this would ultimately end up an expensive lesson, but i knew who took it.Try... Read More »