How do you cut you hair like this I need it ASAP!?

Answer Just show him the picture.

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I hope this is of some help to youHair Dye Disaster - SoWhatBeauty…

ASAP-Is this going to be my hair color?

No i dont think so. My hair did that too. At first it looks super dark brown for the rest of the day, but after like 2 showers it looked alot lighter and acually dark brown. Also, spending time in ... Read More »

Hair Dye Help ASAP! [10 points]?

You did the right thing. Be sure it's sealed properly and don't forget to use them before it expires. :)

Hair Emergency!!!..ASAP!!?

o/k use a shampoo smelling bath wash or u can use my fav. dove soap or any other as long as they smell really good my grandma told me and shes a lice speacailist