How do you cut & paste on your pc.?

Answer In order to cut & paste you'll need to use your LEFT and RIGHT mouse buttons. First you'll need to find the text/info that you want to cut and paste. Once you find the info click on the info usin... Read More »

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How do you copy and paste pics or videos from your Samsung Tocco Lite onto your micro SD card?

Turn the camera on and press the Lv (liveview) button just above the OK button/arrows and to the right of the lcd screen. When you're ready to record, press the OK button; to stop, press it again. ... Read More »

How To Cut Something and Paste it Onto Your Desktop on Your Mac?

Cutting and pasting an item on a Mac is similar to cutting and pasting on a PC, however the key sequence you use is slightly different. Instead of using the "Ctrl" key to cut and paste--like you do... Read More »

How to Copy & Paste Things on Your Facebook Status?

Facebook users share what they are doing with their friends by posting an update to their "status" on their Facebook page. If you want to copy text from another source to use as your Facebook statu... Read More »

Do you rinse with water after cleaning your teeth with paste?

Yes - I do now - after spending years brushing the toothpaste away with plain water - I discovered I was actually washing away the very protection I was using the toothpaste for! Best technique is ... Read More »