How do you cure white head pimples that only grow on the head of a 2 year old?

Answer stop wasting your time on the computer and help your daughter

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What will happen about 8-year-old son hit his head on slab and got blood at top of head and after medical treatment doctor made 5 stitch on the top portion of his head?

Can babies get pimples on their head?

Typically baby pimples on head results from the presence of lingering maternal hormones, just as newborn acne. Infantile acne or infant pimples is more severe than neonatal or baby pimples. Typical... Read More »

Help no cure for head lice?

Have you used tea tree oil? Apply it to the scalp and then put a shower cap over the head. Wash well with tea tree oil shampoo after leaving the actual oil on for about 20 minutes. Also take all... Read More »

Whats the best cure for head lice?

nix plus you must clean EVERYTHING.. wash all linens in the entire home in HOT HOT HOT water.. all stuffed toys same way.. or freeze them.. also the carpets need to be steam cleaned or sprayed wit... Read More »