How do you cure upper abdominal swelling and pain?

Answer If you have recently developed stomach pain and bloating, you need to find out what is causing your symptoms. You will need to begin some detective work to find out if a particular food or group of... Read More »

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What are causes for abdominal pain and swelling?

Structures in the area that can cause the sign/symptoms you're describing could be your liver, pancreas, gallbladder, and the ducts that connect these organs to your duodenum (the first part of you... Read More »

Dull, but stabbing, upper right abdominal pain for a week?

Gallstones, liver disease, pancreatitis, there are any number of organs in your upper right abdomen. You probably want to go see a doctor.

Why am I so baffled....rt upper abdominal pain after eating BUT normal ultrasound?

I hope everything turns out to be fine with you. Stay in touch & best wishes to you!!!

Sudden upper chest and upper middle back pain when inhaling or moving?

Pain in the chest, accompanied by a deep cough is usually a sign of severe respiratory infection. You should see a doctor and get a chest x-ray; you probably have bronchitis and/or pneumonia.