How do you cure tooth ache without going to the dentist?

Answer ambesol works good for a temporary fix, if you have a chronic tooth ache, the dentist is your only option, unless of course, you consider removing the tooth yourself. In that case, you'll need a pa... Read More »

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How to get rid of tooth ache without seeing the dentist?

Dissolve enough salt in warm water (body temperature) to make a strong solution and rinse your mouth repeatedly, vigourously swishing the salty water around your mouth (if the pain allows) or just ... Read More »

What is the best way to cure a tooth ache?

I hate the dentist. Hate him, hate him, hate him.Many years ago I discovered a way to keep my mouth VERY healthy, my teeth very white and it gets rid of toothaches within a day or so.Floss around ... Read More »

How do you help cure a tooth infection when you do not have insurance or money to see a dentist?

In my experience the important thing is to keep the mouth very very clean. Then I began a light massage in the muscles around the jaw and the facial muscles. I dedicated a good six hours to lying i... Read More »

Can a jaw ache and tooth ache cause a head ache 10 POINTS!!!!!?

The link between teeth and headaches often involves something known as bruxism. This condition is marked by a grinding or clenching of the teeth (when you bite). After clenching or grinding the tee... Read More »