How do you cure blue balls?

Answer Take a cold shower, have sex, choke the chicken, or don't do what you did to get it in the first place

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How to Make a Blue Balls Cocktail?

A delicious and refreshing cocktail for any occasion. A mixture of light rum, blue curacao, and a strong helping of raspberry syrup.

What is the game show called where you have to bounce off the big blue balls?

a killer penguin jumped in and ate all of the riders and the host

Sex on the beach, Buttery Nipp!e, Bare @$$, Blue Balls or Redsnapper?

none of the above.... sorry.... but my favorite is.....washington apple!!!!crown royalsour apple puckercranberry juice.....mmmmmmmmmmmm

Make up to compliment a black ball gown and blue eyes help! the balls only a week away?

I would wear silver! That goes great with blue eyes and black. And since you have blond hair you could also do some sort of brown smoke if you like that better...