How do you create groups in iPhone contacts?

Answer Just because you stole it you aren't worth answering. Good day

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How to Create a List of Favorite Contacts on an iPhone?

There are some people you tend to get in touch with more often and you can add these people to a list of favorite contacts on your iPhone so they’re never more than a couple of taps away.

Can you add groups in your contacts on iPad 2?

no but you can buy an attatchment that plugs in and you can download it through that...i think.

How do you make groups in contacts for i phone message?

Yes you can text on the ipod touch 4. You need wifi and you have to download the app "Textnow" and you can text

How to delete Facebook contacts from my phone contacts list ( iPhone 5)?

Go to your iPhone Settings, click on Facebook and below where it says "Allow these Apps to use your account" switch contacts off and then press update all contacts. Go to your contact list and ther... Read More »