How do you create and gift iTunes playlist?

Answer Either Apple will allow this to happen or not yet

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How to create playlist in itunes?

1 Open iTunes. If you haven't downloaded it yet, you can do so on Apple's website for free. 2 Find the list of currently created playlists on the left side of your program. They should be listed d... Read More »

How to Create a Great Smart Playlist in iTunes?

Always wondered about the smart playlists in iTunes, but never successfully created a great one? Here's how to create an awesome two hour playlist that will play your favorite tracks, tracks you've... Read More »


Connect iPhone to computer, and then open "Computer", iPhone should show as a drive letter there. If not, please follow these instructions: In iTunes, right click on your iPhone and select "iPhone ... Read More »

How do you take something off a playlist on itunes?

Simply select that song and press the delete button on your keyboard.