How do you create a link to a certain word?

Answer # name tag....If you're referring to a 'Targetlink' to go to a certain spot in another document. Assuming the other document is yours and you can edit it,... you go to the spot on the other documen... Read More »

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How to Link a Value in a Word Doc to Excel?

Microsoft Office 2010 can link a Word file to an Excel file via an embedded hyperlink. Any value, such as a word, a number or a complete sentence, can be made into a live link to an Excel document ... Read More »

How do I create a PDF link?

Open the PDF in Adobe Acrobat. Click the "Tools" menu and then "Advanced Editing." Select the "Link Tool." The mouse cursor will change into a cross hairs. Click on a point in the document where yo... Read More »

How to Create a Link?

Hyperlinks, usually referred to simply as "links," are a crucial part of the Internet as a whole and each website in particular. Links allow users to click on a piece of text or an image and be pro... Read More »

How do I add an Excel file link to a PDF, PPT& Word?

Adding a Link to a PowerPoint or Word DocumentSelect the text that you want to link to your Excel file. In the "Insert" menu, select "Hyperlink." Using the file explorer, navigate to the Excel fil... Read More »