How do you correct stubbornness in a child?

Answer be friends with them and show them you care so they will behave nicely too

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How do I Correct Inappropriate Child Behavior?

When you correct a child's inappropriate behavior, you're setting boundaries for her and it's teaching your child respect for authority which will help her become a productive and responsible perso... Read More »

Is anyone else concerned about how having such a politically correct society will affect your child?

I can't read your whole post because I'm lazy and ADD today...But I too DETEST Ming Ming...and don't allow that stupid show in my house either. And YES I think that tolerance is one thing...walkin... Read More »

How to Be Assured Your ADHD Child Is Taking the Correct Prescription Drugs?

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If the legal guardian of a child let the child visit his mother and she does not return the child how do you get the child back?

Answer Contact the local police and request they accompany the guardian to the residence where the child is located. This is not an ideal solution, however a court appointed guardian is responsible... Read More »