How do you copy text and make it a picture?

Answer You can do this yourself in several ways: • Use the PRINT SCREEN key to capture what is on your monitor and save it to the ClipBook area. Then open a graphic editor (such as MS-Paint, IrfanVi... Read More »

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How do i copy a picture of the net and make it the picture on my screen?

All the above answers are correct, but if you want to capture just part of a screen or a moving picture then download this little gem. The introduction looks complicated, but believe me it is very ... Read More »

How do you make your html page copywrighted so no one can copy the text on the site?

It has nothing to do with copyright - it is called copy protection. You do this by installing a script that disables right-clicking on your page. This does not, however, prevent people from highl... Read More »

Can I copy a picture off of the internet (sports picture), save it on disk and have printed on poster?

Internet pictures are at 72dpi (most often) which means that is you attempt to blow it up bigger than the size that it is on the computer, it will be really pix-elated and look kind of crappy.copyr... Read More »

I want to copy text of scanned images to the below plain text gow to do it please help me?

Some scanners (like used by me Hp G4010) has a special software called OCR (Optical character Recognition). this software converts your scanned documents to plain text documents. Check on your manu... Read More »