How do you copy a web page to microsft excel?

Answer That depends on how the data is arranged and formatted on the web page.If it is within a HTML Table, or the data is separated by a tab character (or some other delimiter), then you can just copy it... Read More »

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In Microsoft Excel, in page break view, can i turn off the page number displayed on the background?

How about just using print preview instead of page break preview

How to Copy Formulas in Excel?

What causes those awful #REF and /DIV0 errors when you copy sells in a spreadsheet? It's called cell referencing(#REF), and it depends on your understanding Absolute and Relative cell references. I... Read More »

How to Copy a Website Page?

Printing and saving as a document are just two ways to preserve the information from a web page. Both methods may omit aspects of the web page you want to keep, such as the layout and headings. Tak... Read More »

How to Copy a Page in WebCT?

The combination of computers and the Internet is creating virtual paperless classrooms. The WebCT platform, owned by Blackboard, Inc., is a major developer of this arena. While instructors and stud... Read More »