How do you cope with the strong willed child in a group situation?

Answer I assume by your question is - you are asking at what gestational age can a newborn grow and develop without extra medical care? The answer: it is usually by 36 weeks gestation.

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How to Discipline a Strong Willed Child?

Dealing with strong willed kids is very stressful at times! This technique may take a while but after a few times, the kids will get the message! You must be very determined and strong willed!

How to Cope With Strong Perfume in an Enclosed Car?

Great Aunt Agatha might adore that 1950s cologne she has been wearing for the past 60 years but you can't stomach it and you're beginning to feel wretched the farther the car trip goes... While bei... Read More »

How am I going to cope with this tragedy and be strong for my son Kind of long?

So sorry to you and your family! I came across this website a year ago and the idea is great. This woman miscarried and began a project called "writing their names in the sand" as a means of coping... Read More »

If mother with blood group O has child with blood group A would there be pregnancy complications?

No type O and type A blood groups will not cause a complication in pregnancy.