How do you convey new baby born to your boss?

Answer telling that the baby is his illegitimate child and.

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How to Deal With Your Childless Friends After Your Baby Is Born?

Now that your baby is here, do your childless friends seem to be pulling away? Are they annoyed when you no longer have the time or energy to socialize with them? Were your feelings hurt when they ... Read More »

If you are 14 and pregnant will your baby be born healthy because of your age?

yes! your baby can be very healthy but please get to a doctor and get checked out, now. Answer There are some risks but they're not too serious. Your baby may be smaller than average, but overall... Read More »

Can your baby be born at 37 weeks?

Yes. Babies born after 36 weeks gestation are considered full term and are usually just fine.

When was your baby born?

I went in to labour the day before my due date, and gave birth the day AFTER!Long labour - I know!!Congratulations on the new baby!=]