How do you convert from 480i to 1080i on a tv?

Answer You can't covert from one standard to the other. If the HDTV is a 1080 type, it will display that signal when present and display a 720 when it is present. A 720 HDTV will never display a 1080 reso... Read More »

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What is the difference between 480i, 720p, 1080i, and 1080p TV's ?

For starts: 'I' means interlaced while 'P' means progressive.With Interlaced, first every other line is painted top to bottom, and then the other lines are painted. It takes 2 top to bottom scans t... Read More »

When you push the recall button your HDTV shows 480i not 720p or 1080i is this HD programing?

Not HD Programing 480i is the standard television picture resolution and it isn't an HD signal. Your TV is telling you what it's reading from the signal. You may be able to change it, but then ag... Read More »

Can you convert 1080i into 1080p?

1080i delivers a picture in two fields and together they make up a full frame. 1080p delivers a full frame in a single pass.There are converters that will convert between all HD formats, including ... Read More »

How do I convert mpeg4 TRP 1080i videos to mpeg?

Kigo Video ConverterInstall Kigo Video Converter, the free video conversion software from KigoSoft (see Resources). Drag and drop the mpeg4 file into the application's main window. Select "MPEG-II ... Read More »