How do you control your nerves?

Answer Learn to manage your stress and your nerves will take care of themselves...stress relief pointersthink really seriously about and talk with others, to identify the causes of the stress and take ste... Read More »

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Are the jaw nerves&eye nerves connected?

Jaw nerves and eye nerves found in the human head are not necessarily connected, but there are cranial nerves that control certain functions of both the eye, jaw and the rest of the face.Source:Cra... Read More »

Nails - HELP - They are getting on my nerves?

Unhealthy nails like yours ususally indicates a nutrient deficiency (or several)Take zinc to avoid the white spotsVitamin E helps strengthen your skin and nails and helps you absorb calcium better,... Read More »

How to Calm Your Nerves Around the Guy You Like?

When you see that guy, your heart races. It sounds cliché; but it is just so true. When you see him, you don't know what to say and you fear you will sound stupid. You want to impress him and not ... Read More »

What TV comercial gets on your nerves?

The 'Picture' one by far 'josh, dad's found your scooter' aghhh! And the other one where the wife is filming her husband talking to someone from 'picture' about a loan as if you would! It's so unbe... Read More »