How do you control your nerves?

Answer Learn to manage your stress and your nerves will take care of themselves...stress relief pointersthink really seriously about and talk with others, to identify the causes of the stress and take ste... Read More »

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Doesn't it get you on your nerves when you buy a Season DVD Set of your favorite show & they still feel ->?

Um I dont buy any DVD sets, just burn my own stuff when I love something enough and catch the extras online, but Id buy them if they had added footage for each episode edited into the tha... Read More »

How to Calm Your Nerves?

There's little argument that to stay healthy and happy, you must eliminate undue stress and calm your nerves. Those who are "on edge" rarely have positive relationships, as stress almost always has... Read More »

Are there nerves in your nose?

There are nerves everywhere in your body. I don't think you'll paralyze your face by piercing your nose or anything but it will hurt like a son of a beeeaaatch. When we were teenagers my best frien... Read More »

What TV comercial gets on your nerves?

The 'Picture' one by far 'josh, dad's found your scooter' aghhh! And the other one where the wife is filming her husband talking to someone from 'picture' about a loan as if you would! It's so unbe... Read More »