How do you control your crazy little brothers?

Answer straight jackets and red kooladeHere's a suggestion, Give them some celery with peanut butter. Or take the easy way out and plop 'em down in front of the old' TV set. or bribe them. There are many ... Read More »

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How to Annoy Your Little Brothers?

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How to Take Care of Your Little Brothers?

So, your parents have finally went out of town! Great! This means party, right? There’s only one problem: they left your little brothers behind. And guess who’s going to watch over them? You.Ba... Read More »

How to Deal With Your Little Brothers Friends?

Have you ever been in a situation where you are bombarded with a bunch of your brother's friends? It can be painful especially if your brother tends to annoy you when he's alone. Follow this guide ... Read More »

How do you control your bratty little sister?

You can never control another person. You can only control yourself.Refuse to give in to tantrums. Whatever she wants, she can only have it by asking nicely.Close your mouth and don't argue. At fir... Read More »