How do you control the iPhone 4?

Answer The iPhone 4 can be controlled by a number of different methods depending on the software that's being run. For instance, the basic user interface is controlled by the touchscreen, while some games... Read More »

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How do you get voice control on the iPhone 3gS?

Is it possible to get voice control for an iPhone 3G?

Not to be annoying, but you need to check your grammar with these questions.I am guessing that you are wondering when plugging your phone into the computer, will it be connected to the Internet?You... Read More »

Can you control someone elses iPhone?

No there is not a way to do this on an iPhone unless it is jailbroken. Apple sign every third party app that is installed on the iPhone and there is no way for you to hack it.

Where is the volume control on the iphone?

Left side, up and down adjustable volume button as well as a silence all slider.