How do you construct a simple lithium ion battery?

Answer You asked so I'll tell you: there is no way to construct a simple lithium ion battery. A lithium ion battery has a lithium cobalt oxide anode and a carbon cathode. The electrolyte is usually ether.... Read More »

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Can a standard 9 volt battery be used in place of a lithium battery?

Without any electronics skill, a 9 volt battery can be used to replace a 9 volt lithium battery, matching the poles (+ and - terminals) on the batteries. If a voltage regulation circuit is added, a... Read More »

Can you replace a lithium battery with an alkaline battery?

It depends on the size and voltage. Coin or button lithium batteries are not interchangeable with alkaline batteries. Cylindrical lithium batteries come in two voltages: 1.5 and 3.0. The first vari... Read More »

Can a lithium ion battery be substituted by a NiMH battery?

Because all batteries deliver direct current, you can substitute one type of battery for another. You must keep in mind that different battery types provide different voltages and amperage. Lithium... Read More »

How do you construct a simple TV antenna?

There is more to a simple TV antenna than it appears, buy one and connect it with coaxial cable. Height is important so get it as high as possible.