How do you construct a camera?

Answer A simple camera can be made simply with a light-tight box and a film or sensor, anything to 'capture' the light coming through an opening (lens, pinhole, aperture, etc.) Although this setup is rath... Read More »

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Is there a camera with built-in infrared How do we construct it?

Any DSLR can be converted to IR. Its expensive and after that the camera does not see normal color . Here is one place that does it…If its for a project I ... Read More »

How to Construct a Bog?

A Bog in your yard creates a focal point that few can match and it is not difficult to do. The Bog will be used to plant water loving plants that otherwise you couldn't grow.

Is 3 mega pixels a rubbish digital camera I mean for a camera not a phone camera, I don't need an excellent 1?

Nope, 3 megapix its more than enough for normal shots. i had one that is about 5 years old and it takes great pictures (Nikon 885).

How to Construct an Airhorn?

An airhorn is a piece of equipment that is used for sporting events and other big occasions. Have you ever wanted to make your own? Well then, follow these instructions.