How do you construct a camera?

Answer A simple camera can be made simply with a light-tight box and a film or sensor, anything to 'capture' the light coming through an opening (lens, pinhole, aperture, etc.) Although this setup is rath... Read More »

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Is there a camera with built-in infrared How do we construct it?

Any DSLR can be converted to IR. Its expensive and after that the camera does not see normal color . Here is one place that does it…If its for a project I ... Read More »

How to Construct a Bog?

A Bog in your yard creates a focal point that few can match and it is not difficult to do. The Bog will be used to plant water loving plants that otherwise you couldn't grow.

How to Construct an Airhorn?

An airhorn is a piece of equipment that is used for sporting events and other big occasions. Have you ever wanted to make your own? Well then, follow these instructions.

How to Construct a Zip Line?

Making a zip line is easy, but safety requirements take time to think about.