How do you connect your monitor to a laptop ?

Answer Check the instruction manual for your laptop to find the keyboard command to enable the second monitor. . . .

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I have an FX p-7805u laptop and a Dell E11511FP PC monitor that I am trying to connect to my laptop.?

Using the normal laptop display with the external disconnected go to the Gateway driver page and either download the the video driver and install it again to reset it.Once you have re installed the... Read More »

How to Connect a Laptop to a CRT Monitor?

CRT stands for cathode ray tube and is a big bulky monitor similar to your old television set before flat-screens. Connecting a CRT monitor to a laptop is easy by design. CRT monitors almost exclus... Read More »

How can i connect my ps3 HDMI to my laptop and use it as a monitor?

You cannot do that - as you say, the HDMI port on your notebook is "hdmi output" only - does not accept an input signal. You can certainly display your notebook graphics onto an external monitor us... Read More »

How do I connect a laptop to the computer monitor?

Most laptops will come with a VGA or DVI port in the back, (the blue and or white ports) and if you have one of those cables, you can get them from radioshack or online. And just connect it to a mo... Read More »