How do you connect two televisions together?

Answer There are multiple ways to do this.In the old days of VCRs, the easiest thing was to put a coax splitter on the VCR output and then send the split signal to 2 or more TVs. Since the coax carried b... Read More »

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What components should I need to connect 5 pc's to communicate together and remotely access them , connect a w?

As long as you have them all connected via a business router, then you would be able to communicate between them. Depending on the router you get, there will be settings to have remote access. One ... Read More »

How many televisions can you connect to a directv dish?

June 1994 - Direct TV was launched March 1996 - Dish Network was launched

How to Connect 2 RCA Inputs Together on a Car Amp?

Connecting two RCA (Radio Corporation of America) audio inputs together is a task commonly undertaken in car stereo installations that are made after you've purchased the car. Many amplifiers, espe... Read More »

How do you connect 2 computers together?

I don't normally answer questions where there are 7 answers already, but the quality of answers so far is cr*p.Firstly, to connect 2 PCs you will need to decide whether you want a wired or wireless... Read More »