How do you connect speakers directly to a TV?

Answer Some of the better TVs have external speaker connectors on the back, most do not. If the TV has audio output connectors you can connect a stereo audio amplifier and speakers to these. If this works... Read More »

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I would like to connect big speakers directly into my computer, i think i need an amp, help.?

The only power that large stereo speakers need is the high power audio drive from an amplifier. No other power, such as from a transformer, is needed. You just need an amplifier, which of course ... Read More »

How do I connect my iPod directly to my 1996 Land Rover Discovery factory radio - does someone sell a cable that can be directly conected?

Answer I bought mine at one of the local large retailers. They run about $10-$20. The radio in the vehicle needs to be designed for it with an 'auxilary' jack in it. The other option is a device ... Read More »

Can you connect Bose speakers& traditional speakers to the same receiver?

On a technical level, you can connect any types of speakers together as long as you do not go below the minimum ohm load. Mixing Bose speakers and traditional speakers is not recommended, but most ... Read More »

I have a bluray with speakers and I was wondering if I can connect the speakers and what do I need?

If the bluray has an optical IN and the TV has an optical OUT then connect them an optical cable