How do you connect head phone on a tv?

Answer Yes

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How do you connect head phone on tv?

Not all TV's are capable. If it has a head phone jack then it can be connected.

How do you connect bluetooth head phone with nokia e5?

I have researched reviews for the Bose earbuds and found that Cnet has reviews of this product (Bose IE2 ear buds). You can also find comparison reviews. The overall rating of this product is 3.5 o... Read More »

How do you connect a wire from a walkie talkie atenna to a head phone jack in a walkman?

Answer: Why you want to connect antenna from walkie-talkie to mini jack in walkman??? Two-way radio antennas has got standard connector plugs (UHF, BNC, N-Type, Mini UHF, etc). Mini Jack plug is no... Read More »

Are JVC DJ head phone better then ecko unlitd pulse head phones?

Yes! They are some of the best headphones I've ever heard