How do you connect an iphone to the eclipse cd5030 built in bluetooth?

Answer Like Magic :)

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Can i use iphone' s built-in microphone instead of external microphone to connect to the car stereo with built-in bluetooth?

Go to your setting Privacy Click reset my phone WARNING:it will delete all you app store accounts,also all of your apps you downloaded all of your contacts and all of you messages #ilovebeingme

Can you connect your iPhone Bluetooth to your gm truck Bluetooth?

Absolutely, so long as your truck has bluetooth! Just activate bluetooth on iphone, and tell truck to "pair" and itll tell u what to do

How do i connect my iPhone 3G to a samung wep 460 bluetooth?

most of the improvements (speed, new apps, fixing bugs, etc.) are just software changes, so your old iphone 3g is basically the same as the 3gs with the free software upgrade, the only real differe... Read More »

How-connect your iPhone 3GS to windows with bluetooth?

Yes. There is a Pages app and a group of Microsoft Office Apps.