How do you connect an antenna and cable to a tv?

Answer The TV needs to have two RF inputs. Most don't. Otherwise you need a A-B rf switch, Radioshack has them. Or you can connect the cable box to the TV using the VIDEO IN connectors leaving the single ... Read More »

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For what type connection do you connect a coax cable to an antenna?

Coax--short for "coaxial"--cable is primarily used for audio and video signal transmission between electronic devices, including antennas, televisions and computers. Coaxial connectors are often th... Read More »

How to Connect a Coaxial Cable Antenna to a Stand-Alone Drake R4-C?

The Drake R4-C is a vintage amateur band receiver utilizing vacuum tubes and semiconductors. It was a relatively low-output radio capable of producing two watts of audio output. Signal strength is ... Read More »

I am a cable guy and ought to know this but will a regular cable splitter work with an antenna?

Yes. Make sure it's good out to at least 800 MHz.

How to Connect HDTV to a Cable Box Without a HDMI Cable?

An HDTV can be connected to a cable box using an HDMI cable or component cables. An HDMI cable combines audio and video in a single cable, while component cables are constructed of three video cabl... Read More »