How do you connect a blu-ray DVD player to hdtv?

Answer Mostly you connect the player with a standard HDMI to HDMI cable. Players might support component.

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Can you connect blue ray player to a standard DVD player then to a HDTV?

How do you connect a blu ray DVD player to hdtv?

There are two answers to the question - Digital or analog. Here is the reason why: Digital signal are very robust signals as long as they do not fall below a certain strength and quality. As long a... Read More »

How do you connect blu-ray player to hdtv and pvr?

wish I knew I contacted hp and Shaw support Ill let you know if I find anything out. There is no code.

How to Connect an HDTV Cable Box & DVD Player?

A high-definition cable box and DVD player can be connected to an HDTV for alternating between cable programming and enjoying content on multimedia discs. The connections involve two types of cable... Read More »