How do you connect a Macbook Pro to an HD TV?

Answer You need a Mini DisplayPort to HDMI cable. Here is a nice priced one:…

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Why won't my MacBook connect to my TV?

This site will help…

How to connect new macbook to old tv?

You can't.Unlike the older Macbook which has an integrated miniDVI port that can also output an analog composite TV signal, the new black-and-silver Macbooks with miniDisplayPort cannot.Because the... Read More »

How do I connect a Macbook Pro to a TV?

Locate the DVI port located on the right side of the Macbook Pro. Locate the VGA input on you television. Connect the DVI on the Macbook Pro to the VGA input on the TV using a DVI to VGA adapter. Y... Read More »

How to Connect WRT54GS to My MacBook Pro?

The Linksys WRT54GS router allows multiple devices to access the Internet connection in your home or office. The router broadcasts the wireless signal using the wireless-G protocol that is compatib... Read More »