How do you connect VCR and DVD to tv with directv receiver?

Answer YES.Based on math it is defiantly mathematically able to hit the corner.ANYONE WHO SAYS IT CANT IS not smart.IT ONLY GOES ON 45 DEGREE ANGLES. IT MAY TAKE A WHILE BUT THE BOX WILL HIT THE CORNER.

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Do i connect the antenna to the tv or the directv receiver?

On One Hand: DirecTV usageIf the antenna connects directly to the television, then the cable signal isn't being sent through the DirecTV receiver, rendering it useless. This means that users who co... Read More »

How do you connect a video scaler with vga output to a directv hd receiver with an hdmi input?

Can you use a ethernet splitter to divide a PC and directv hd receiver on a single port modem to use both computer and directv on demand?