How do you confirm whether my iphone is non mc or mc?

Answer 32 gb is more storage space than 8gb a lot more storage space for your pictures ,ipod, videos, contacts and muych more

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How do you know whether your 3g iPhone has 8 or 16 mg?

You can ask the seller or look in the back of your 3G iPhone.

How to Decide Whether the BlackBerry or iPhone is Better?

Verizon Wireless has introduced a new phone called the "Blackberry Storm", which is said to be better than the iPhone, even an "iPhone killer". However, is this really true? Some people think so, a... Read More »

If wifi and sim card are both available whether iPhone will use WiFi or 3g for web browsing?

hey people my mums iphone is acting strange when somebody calls it only vibrates it doesnt play the ringtone she setted can anyone help???

I just bought the iPhone 3g last night and was wondering if its FREE to browse on the app store and also the phone came with maps YouTube and whether in it are they free to use and go into?

Stupid AT+T charges you money every time you open an application that talks to the internet. It is free to open and use those apps on wi-fi.