How do you complete level 3 on jailbreak?

Answer First you go behind the desk and press spaceThen you go to the bit of paper and press spaceRead the letter and press 'e'Go next to the pillow and press spaceDone

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How to Complete Level 2 of Skull Kid?

It you find yourself stuck on level 2 of skull kid on Gamefudge this article might just help.

How do you complete level 2 on questanout on bbc bitesize?

How do you complete the forth level of Labyrinth 2 enigma app?

go through the two rows of green dots then go through the second red dot on the left

How do you complete level 30 on the doors app for the iPhone?

Make the penguins eyes . Make the two on the left look at eachother and make the two on the right look at eachother.