How do you communicate with a child who can't talk?

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How to Communicate With a Child Who Has Autism?

Does your child have autism? Do you find it hard to understand him/her? Maybe this can help.

How do you communicate with a deaf child with autism?

It affects a person physically, intellectually, emotionally and socially. They often have delayed development which means that they develop slower than other people. The delayed development normall... Read More »

How to Communicate About Child Discipline in a Marriage?

Even if you and your spouse generally agree on how and when you will discipline your children, conflicts are likely to arise at some point. Your style of discipline often comes from your own upbrin... Read More »

How to Communicate With an Autistic Child Using the Picture Exchange Communication System?

The Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS), may help develop natural communication in children who have delayed speech due to autism. The program offers prompts, exchange and repetition to re... Read More »